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Structured Programming in C++

  • From 6/21/2012 I work on educational book about Structured Programming in C++. This book is appropriated for who want to learn programming and know any thing about programming and even computers! Students in first year of university who have programming lesson in engineering field like computer engineering.
  • Structured programming is a programming paradigm aimed on improving the clarity, quality, and development time of a computer program by making extensive use of subroutines, block structures and for and while loops in contrast to using simple tests and jumps such as the goto statement which could lead to "spaghetti code" which is both difficult to follow and to maintain. read more about this programming paradigm here.
  • I hope that finish this project at the end of this year. you can receive content list of this book in persian here.
  • University projects and Documentations

iPhone Book


Huge (BigInteger)

       iPhoneBook is a simple madular program in c programming language. In this program we try to use the main elements of modular programming like c structs. you can receive the code of this project by click here. later I write visual version of this program in JAVA and C# that they are writing with OOP.
  • Huge is a project in advanced programming that provids a class to calculating primary  . . .